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Your workday is busy.

You're juggling a lot.

When the workday feels increasingly short, tasks like scheduling meetings and managing your schedule slow you down.

Imagine how much more productive you could be if you had an extra 1-3 hours back in your week?

Zoom.ai is an AI-powered Meeting Assistant that automates meeting scheduling, so you can focus more on what matters most.

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Zoom.ai Meeting Assistant lives inside of chat, your inbox, or our web app for fast & flexible scheduling.

Chat with Zoom.ai in natural language, just like you would with a real human.

Zoom.ai can live in your go-to work platform for quick & easy scheduling.

Schedule your meetings your way.

Work smarter, faster, better.

Having your own Meeting Assistant can help you save 10+ hours a month!

Schedule faster. Get more done.

Schedule and update meetings with no back-and-forth emails

Get an overview of your daily schedule with morning briefings

Quickly set up and receive reminders via chat

Easily block off time for when you need it

Always be prepared with automated meeting briefings

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Find everything you need.

Find files that live anywhere in your organization with one quick search

Get answers you need to FAQs without bothering colleagues

Create standard documents (like NDAs, or employment contracts) in just a few clicks

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