We’re on a mission to help you work better.

Multifaceted. Powerful. Smart. Just like you. Zoom.ai gives you the power of AI to automate meeting scheduling, so you can focus on the work that really matters.


Our Story

In 2016, we started Zoom.ai with a vision to elevate the work experience. We set out to build an AI-powered assistant that could help busy professionals like recruiters and sales teams do more by minimizing distractions, decreasing app fatigue and supporting more meaningful work.

And that’s what we’ve done.

Zoom.ai Meeting Assistant powerfully automates your entire meeting scheduling experience and everyday admin tasks. With Zoom.ai you get to win back much-needed time and mental space for more meaningful work like hiring the best people and growing your company.

Take the reins back on your schedule. Thrive at work.



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Our Values



We go by the motto: treat others the way
you want to be treated.


We take pride in sharing our ideas, active listening, and being transparent.


We value time for the important stuff: connecting as a team and regular self-care.

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