Increase your daily productivity and organization by bringing artificial intelligence to your inbox. Introducing a better way to schedule your meetings: the Zoom.ai email plugin. Your email is probably the heart-centre of your entire workday – but it can also be a productivity blackhole.

By adding AI to your inbox, you can seamlessly transition from email to offloading tasks, without any interruption to your workflow. Our new plugin can help you shave off 1-3 hours a week in low-value tasks, such as scheduling your meetings, finding files and organizing your day.

Zoom.ai is bringing intelligence into the inbox in two ways: both users of Microsoft Outlook and Google Chrome (Gmail) can add an extra layer of intelligence to email with our unique AI and NLP technology. This means that you can chat with your automated assistant just like you would a regular human assistant and it picks up information to execute tasks, just as easily. Try it out today for free!  

Read on to learn how you can start automating your inbox today.

How to get started

The Outlook Plugin and Chrome Extension live right inside your email inbox or desktop browser: meaning it works, where you work, when you work. Integration is seamless and only takes a few clicks.

Ready to start organizing your day? Our helpful FAQ can point you in the right direction, or you can try it for free today or read on to learn more.

How it Works

You can now set up your next interaction without any back and forth emails! From meetings to coffees or calls, Zoom.ai prompts you to stay connected with Quickstart buttons. Your assistant takes care of the scheduling for you, without unnecessarily wasting time.

Nestled inside of your inbox, both the Outlook Plugin and the Chrome Extension offer the same experience. Here’s a quick look into what your new automated assistant can do, tab-by-tab:

“Connect” Tab

Think of the “Connect” tab as your homebase. Here’s where the Zoom.ai intelligence comes into play. Your “Connect” tab is context-aware – meaning it knows who you’re talking to and can offer shortcuts to actions relating to the contact and email you’re currently viewing.

Quickly look up information on the email sender or schedule a meeting with them in seconds.

Here are some actions you take from the “Connect” tab:

– Who is <Sender Name>
– Schedule a Meeting
– Set up a Call
– Grab a Coffee
– Meet for Lunch
– Invite to Dinner
– Go for Drinks

“Actions” Tab

The Actions tab gives you shortcuts for actions or tasks associated with your own calendar.

You can also connect with others through this tab, keeping up with your connections and organizing your calendar efficiently.

Ask about:

– What meetings do I have today?

– When am I free in the next 7 days?

– What is the weather today?

Ready to start organizing your day? Get started on the Zoom.ai Outlook Plugin or the Zoom.ai Chrome Extension free today.

“Chat” Tab

The Chat tab is where you can chat directly with your assistant. Chat with your AI assistant just as you would with a normal human assistant!

Quickly query and work with your assistant to make your day as easy as possible. Context aware and responsive, your AI assistant will pick up information on who you’re interacting with and can offer the best options for booking based on your schedule.

“Help” Tab

Feeling a little lost or just need some quick tips on how to use your assistant? The Help tab provides you easy access to frequently asked questions around your meeting scheduling.

Learn the most efficient way to manage your calendar, or find information across all your accounts.

Get started with Zoom.ai inside of Outlook or Chrome.

A New Way to Work

Ready to bring AI into your inbox? Check out our helpful FAQ pages on how to get Zoom.ai inside of Outlook or Chrome for yourself or for your team today, or contact us for more information.

On chat? You can integrate with any of our chat platforms for free today.