Zoom.ai is happy to announce our latest integration within Hangouts Chat.

As the modern enterprise shifts, it requires a new level of productivity, collaboration and balance. Many of today’s tools and apps don’t mirror those needs, forcing employees to use a range of different applications pushing them to frequently switch between different windows and software, ultimately creating more busywork. Shouldn’t there be a way to automate it all, within your existing tech stack?


In a continued effort to help enterprises work better, Hangouts Chat is an intelligent and secure collaboration tool on G Suite built to bring teams together. Zoom.ai is a chat-based productivity solution inside of Chat that helps employees offload and automate everyday tasks, including exhaustive searching for files, scheduling meetings, generating documents and much more.

From direct messages to team conversations, Chat provides a centralized, integrated experience that makes team collaboration easy and efficient.  Coupled with your Zoom.ai automated assistant Chat will enrich your enterprise work experience by enabling users to access AI-powered productivity tools, in-depth insights and data stored in the cloud all in a single interface. Connect to G Suite and find the files you need, or schedule meetings with the people on your team in a flash by syncing with Gmail – all with your Zoom.ai assistant.

Working with G Suite for the exciting launch of Chat makes the Zoom.ai commitment to making the future of work a reality. Zoom’s integration with G Suite helps manage and create a seamless and secure connection to a host of apps that enterprise employees use in everyday.


Chat and Zoom.ai brings businesses a safe and secure enterprise-ready solution that helps employees work smarter. Productivity, collaboration and a better work-life balance are just a few clicks away. Get started with Zoom.ai in Chat by clicking here: https://www.zoom.ai/googlehangouts