A successful meeting has many moving parts. From securing a time slot to ensuring that the meeting invite has a detailed agenda, we at Zoom.ai have been working to build the ultimate meeting scheduling solution. Hot off the heels of our recent email plugin release, our next  feature will enable you to offload room booking to the assistant, to offer the most comprehensive scheduling experience!

How it works:

This feature is available for free for companies on the Zoom.ai Corporate Plan. Once enabled, you can easily add a preferred meeting room to your meeting invites during  your regular meeting creation process. Simply ask your assistant to include a room with your meeting and automate this extra step.


– Book a meeting with Roy, Anita, and Paul for 2019 Budget Sync. Add a room for 4.

– Call with Jill and Traci for “Follow Up: United Account” with a room for 3.

💡Tip! You can personalize your meeting titles by using quotation marks.

You can also customize your meeting room preferences:

The assistant will intelligently secure a room that’s suitable for your meeting based on the number of attendees. However, you can set up preferences that specify which locations and buildings you work in, and what rooms you prefer if they are available.

Locations and Buildings:

We understand that organizations differ in size. Zoom.ai supports the inclusion of multiple locations and buildings, and you can set up relevant ones in your Meeting Room preferences within the Zoom.ai Web App. This allows you to be offered rooms only in the locations and buildings you work in.

Favourite Rooms

You can add a list of favourite rooms to your Meeting Room preferences in the Zoom.ai Web App to prioritize your favourite rooms when they are available. The assistant will secure a room based on the best use of the space, so if you require a room for 4 but all your favourite rooms fit 6, it will provide a meeting space that’s only available for 4 attendees.

💡Tip! You can order your favourites by clicking the up / down arrows – with favourites at top being selected over those below.

Ready to start? Here’s how to set it up:

The Room Booking feature can be enabled by the Administrator of your organization’s Zoom.ai Corporate Plan.

Admins can enable this feature by adding a Room Provider in the Zoom.ai Web App via Admin > Account > Add.

Once the Administrator enables Room Provider, this feature will be available to all users under the same Plan.

If you have any questions regarding setting up rooms for your organization, please see our FAQs!