Hire Faster with Zoom.ai’s New ATS Integration

Stand out in today’s marketplace with a world-class candidate experience. Zoom.ai users can now automate their ATS providers with Zoom.ai for faster interview scheduling.


In today’s competitive marketplace, your ability to create a seamless interview experience can make or break your hiring goals. In reality, the way you schedule interviews, what hiring software you use, and how prepared you are for each meeting all say a lot about your company.

Top candidates expect high-quality interviews.

Your company expects you to hire quickly.

Ironically, your ability to do both well can sometimes seem at odds.

And don’t forget the true cost of not having a great interview process…

On average, it costs companies anywhere between $4,000 to $7,500 tohire a new employee.

64% of job seekers say a poor candidate experience would make them less likely to purchase goods or services from that employer.

So, what’s a busy recruiter to do?

At Zoom.ai, we give recruiters and HR teams an A.I. meeting assistant. Your meeting assistant not only schedules your interviews automatically but speeds up your interview experience by syncing to your applicant tracking system (ATS).

Ready for a painless hiring process? Here’s how the Zoom.ai Meeting Assistant and ATS integrations can help you hire better.

Take Scheduling off Your Plate

If you’re a recruiter, you’d probably rather focus on finding great candidates, not finding out when they’re available.

With your A.I. meeting assistant, you can remove scheduling from the conversation (and your to-do list) altogether.

Quickly, Zoom.ai can schedule every meeting in your candidate funnel including the initial screening call, follow-on group interviews, and internal group meetings.

Once signed up, you’ll get a Zoom.ai dashboard with an overview of your meetings, tasks, and productivity savings. You’ll be able to schedule meetings from the Zoom.ai web app or schedule meetings from your favorite chat messengers like Slack and Microsoft Teams, or email applications like Outlook and Google.

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Connect your ATS Provider

Now you can connect your A.I. meeting assistant with your ATS software. We currently support Greenhouse, Breezy HR, Zoho Recruit, and Workable.

With our ATS integration, you’ll be able to quickly book meetings with candidates that are in your ATS. Plus, any updates made in your ATS will automatically sync back into Zoom.ai. That means your meeting assistant will always find the most up-to-date candidate details.

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Get Candidate Information — Quickly


During a long day of back-to-back-to-back interviews, has it ever felt impossible to feel prepared for every candidate?

Pulling from your ATS, your Zoom.ai meeting assistant will send you a link to relevant candidate info in your meeting briefings.

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You can also use the People Insights feature for on-demand candidate information. Candidate background details from your ATS like status, position, and links to resumes and cover letters are automatically included.

You’ll never be drawing blanks at an interview ever again.

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Boost the Impact of your ATS

On average, employees spend 1.8 hours every day just searching and gathering information.

That’s definitely not helping your hiring speed.

Connecting your ATS with the power of A.I. is one of the best ways to boost your performance and save valuable time.

Less time searching = more time working on what matters.

Here’s more on the ATS providers that we support and how they can help you :



Greenhouse is a platform designed to help companies get better at hiring strategy, planning, keeping teams organized, and capturing the right data to make better decisions. It’s a leading ATS perfect for both small and large companies.

Breezy HR

With Breezy HR, you can advertise open positions on job boards, organize applicants in a drag & drop pipeline, and streamline your team and candidate information. It’s a visual ATS that’s great for startups and growing companies.


Workable gives in-house recruiters and hiring teams more ways to find qualified candidates and help them identify the best. Workable is an ideal ATS for recruiters who want to automate their outreach process. With one click, you can post open roles to 200+ job sites.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a powerful recruiting software that helps you source the best talent faster, track resumes, and do interviews more efficiently. They have tons of integrations like Zoom.ai and a great plan for smaller teams.

Ready to try out our ATS Integration?

You’re not passionate about HR because you wanted to spend hours of your day scheduling and rescheduling. With your Zoom.ai Meeting Assistant and ATS integration, you’ll be able to book interviews and host them conveniently.

How do I get started?

No matter what plan you’re on, all Zoom.ai users can use our ATS integration. You can connect your ATS provider if you use Greenhouse, BreezyHR, Workable or Zoho Recruiting. Get step-by-step info on how to set-up your ATS integration in our FAQ.

Who can use it?

Anyone! If you book meetings with candidates — then this feature is for you. All you need is access to your company’s ATS account. It’s that easy.

What if I use more than one ATS?

The more the merrier. You can add multiple ATS providers to your Zoom.ai account. If you add more than one ATS, your A.I. Meeting Assistant will share any information you request from the relevant ATS.

BONUS: You can also connect to your CRM like Salesforce or Hubspot.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to use. The initial ATS integration is a free feature for any Zoom.ai user. So, it won’t cost you anything and you’ll be saving 10+ hours each month. However, some functions may vary depending on your specific plan.

Zoom.ai’s Meeting Assistant will take care of all your scheduling needs, so you can focus on attracting top talent and creating an impressive candidate experience.


Less scheduling, more meaningful work

From now until December 31, 2019, you can upgrade to our Professional Plan for $8 or Corporate Plan for $13 with the code: ZOOMLOVE. Experience unlimited meeting scheduling, automated meeting briefings and powerful integrations that help you get more done.