Zoom Zoom: The Fastest Way to Schedule Video Meetings

One less manual task could make the biggest difference in your workday. Zoom.ai users can now automate meeting scheduling with Zoom.us video conferencing automatically included.


In today’s fast-paced world, video is no doubt one of the best ways to stay in touch. Whether you need to interview a candidate remotely or connect with a prospect from across the country, video conferencing is one of the best ways to meet effectively. 

Not only can video keep your team or external stakeholders connected, but video also outperforms traditional audio-only meetings.One survey found that 74 percent of employees admit to being more attentive and engaged in video conference calls than audio-only calls. 

Thanks to video communication companies like industry leader Zoom Video Communications, video meetings have become an essential communication tool for every workplace, especially for meeting-packed teams like sales and recruitment. 

However, despite the impact of video meetings, manual tasks like adding video links to each meeting invitation or having to remind your attendees that your meeting will happen via video slow you down and keep your from more important work. 

That’s why we’re excited to roll out our newest integration with Zoom.us (Zoom Video Communications). Now, you can schedule meetings through Zoom.ai with Zoom.us video conferencing automatically included. This will help you focus less on scheduling and more on hiring, selling, and growing your business. 

Here’s everything you need to know about our Zoom.us integration:

Automate video meetings for lightning-speed scheduling

Like any other meeting, manually setting up video meetings still comes with a lot of back-and-forth and extra admin tasks like requesting availability, adding agendas, and sending reminders to your attendees. 

Your Zoom.ai Meeting Assistant takes care of all of that and more. 

So, in the same way you would automate calls or coffee meetings with Zoom.ai, you can now do the same thing with any video conferencing meetings. 

Connect your Zoom.us account today and unleash the power of Zoom.ai for all your video conference calls.

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How exactly does Zoom.ai handle video meeting scheduling?

You have two choices: static or dynamic. Basically, these are the two types of video conferencing links that you can generate with Zoom.ai. 

Static Conferencing Link 

Just like the name suggests — this link doesn’t change. It’s best used for on-the-fly meetings when you need to quickly add a video link. If you’re using a static link then you don’t need to connect a video provider. You can just add the static link directly to a meeting type like “coffee” or make the location of your meeting the static link.

Dynamic Video Conferencing Link

Dynamic links are auto-generated video conferencing links that are unique to each of your meeting types that require video. This is our recommendation for anyone who has multiple meetings like interviews, staff training sessions, or product demos that need video conferencing. 

Once you’ve chosen your link style, your video conferencing link will be automatically added to your meeting invitations, so your invitees know exactly how to connect with you. 

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How to connect your Zoom.us account to Zoom.ai

Now, for the question of the hour. Firstly, make sure you have a Zoom.ai account. Don’t have one yet? Take 30 seconds and create your account here

Once you’ve signed in to your Zoom.ai account, go to the Integrations Directory (under your My Account menu in the top navigation) and select Zoom.us. 

Click “Add” under Zoom.us. Once you do that, you’ll get an authorization pop-up from Zoom.us. Simply click "Authorize" to allow Zoom.ai to create video meetings automatically in your Zoom.us account. That’s it!

How to add Zoom video conferencing to your meetings

Now, that you’ve added Zoom.us as a video provider, it’s time to add video conferencing to your meeting types. In your Zoom.ai web app, go to your Meeting Types page and select “New Meeting Type”. 

Give your new meeting type a name like “Video” and add details such as availability and lead time. Under the location tab, check off dynamic and choose Zoom.us. 

After you’ve done that, your meeting type will now have Zoom.us video conferencing automatically included. You can add Zoom.us to as many custom meeting types as you need! 

Zoom.ai and Zoom.us integration

Zoom.ai & Zoom.us

Connect Zoom.ai Meeting Assistant and Zoom.us for faster, seamless video conferencing meetings.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ or get in touch with our team — we’re happy to help.

Less scheduling, more meaningful work

From now until December 31, 2019, you can upgrade to our Professional Plan for $8 or Corporate Plan for $13 with the code: ZOOMLOVE. Experience unlimited meeting scheduling, automated meeting briefings and powerful integrations that help you get more done.


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