Travel Buffer Time

Anita Chauhan |

During the course of a work week, how often have you booked a meeting outside of your office to have another booked immediately after, often with little ..

It is now easier to personalize your meeting titles to the way you like them. When booking an internal or external meeting, it’s important to name..
The Smart Meetings product was built with your work experience in mind. That's why we’ve recently added a new agenda functionality. This new functionality helps add an ex..
Adding attendees to your meeting requests with’s Smart Meetings product is now easier with the new support of Microsoft Azure Active Directory.  Now, knows contac..
Everyone deserves a great work experience. That’s why has made it our mission to make your workday more productive. In the last few months, we’ve released additional ente..
If you add up all the time you spend going back and forth trying to book meetings via email, how much of your day is left for the work you want to..
  As an enterprise grows, so does the amount of specific knowledge within the company. Simple company-specific information doesn’t take long to learn -- or to answer, by .. is happy to announce our latest integration within Hangouts Chat.

As the modern enterprise shifts, it requires a new le..’s unified enterprise search feature is the securest way for you and your employees to quickly search across their work apps.
Zapier is a powerful tool used to connect all your apps, improving and automating your workflow. With this latest product update, we’ve connected the power of Zapier to s..