As an enterprise grows, so does the amount of specific knowledge within the company. Simple company-specific information doesn’t take long to learn — or to answer, by asking a colleague, or searching through company files and handbooks.

But over time, those small moments begin to add up and can amount to a larger, more insidious time drain for your already time-strapped team. On top of it, the answers you seek are often stored on different systems with different interfaces, or in the hands of different people who know the answers to these questions, and remembering how to navigate through them all can easily become a nuisance.

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The newly expanded employee knowledge base feature from can help reduce time hunting down answers to mundane, mindless questions and save your employees time and energy. Simple questions such as: “Where can I find my 401K contributions?” and “what is the wifi” to more difficult company-related knowledge such as “what are dividends?”

So, how does it work for your enterprise?

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An efficient internal help desk can streamline communication and collaboration across enterprise teams. It’s a fact that employees are more likely to use a help desk when it works on the same channels they do, especially within chat. Here are a few HR and IT-related use-cases for any large enterprise organization:

1. Streamline your IT and HR help desks through automation

With’s expanded enterprise knowledge base, admins can automate and easily configure responses to frequently asked questions that may require multiple questions asked of the user. These typically provide reduced inbound questions of major departments within your organization (consider employees in the HR and IT departments who often take repetitive calls or inbound questions).

2. Help new employees find their way

How easy is your on-boarding checklist to find? How simple is it to give a new employee all the information they need? Make on-boarding a new employee easier than ever by having your team setup a helpful reference page and checklist can aide a new employee in finding their way, and being nudged to get help when the assistant is not able to answer their question.

This skill is specifically helpful for high turnover type roles or when hiring large amounts of new staff.

Employee Onboarding

3. Locating knowledge within the enterprise

Mapping knowledge has been a long time goal for many organizations as they progress through their transformation roadmap. With, enterprises can build their own knowledge base within our platform, and integrate into their existing solutions. This allows employees to search and find content in a flash by simply asking about the topic to their assistant.

IT admins, easily build your enterprise knowledge base in the scalable platform that feels intelligent – without having to consider change management processes for your entire organization. The knowledge base allows enterprise employees to navigate the complexities and vastness of an enterprise knowledge base using natural language in chat.

Here’s what a new, more complex, FAQ question flow with your assistant will look like:

enterprise dividends
enterprise dividends

Beyond just a simple ask and respond, our intelligent system is able to take any query and intelligently route you through to the appropriate answer. Depending on the information you provide, your assistant can bring you closer to the answer thanks to our intelligent backend.

Your solution can help you and your team work better. Learn how to install on your chat platform of choice today in just three clicks.

IT admins, here’s what you can expect in this latest release:

– Improved FAQ editor
– Optionally email the FAQ topic summary to user
– Optionally email the FAQ topic q&a flow to an expert
– Show custom response if user exits prematurely
– Back button after every question allows for moving back to the previous question
– Select question options by merely entering in part of that option
– Match acronyms of the FAQ topic
– Expanded auto-generated questions for the topic
– Better NLP allows multi-option questions to be answered from original input
– Multiple options per question are sorted based on popularity.

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