Enhanced Meeting Updating

Roy |

We know that one of the most significant workday time sucks is booking meetings. As hard as we try, there will never be a way to entirely rid your life of meetings, so why not streamline them?

At Zoom.ai, we try to make scheduling meetings as frictionless as possible. That’s why we released new feature updates to our existing meeting scheduling functionality. These updates will give you the same in-chat scheduling abilities as before.


Some of the new meeting features include:

Add an attendee to an already scheduled meeting.

Forgot to add Julia from the sales team to the big meeting next week? Quickly add any missing team member to the meeting by using any of the following phrases:

“add Julia to the meeting with the Sales team”

“please include Julia in the meeting with Andre tomorrow”

Change location of a meeting

Last minute location switch? 

“update location of meeting with Francine to XXXXX”

“remove location for meeting at the 3pm meeting”

“change the location of the 2pm meeting to XXXXX”

“the location of the 3pm meeting is xxx”

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 1.23.06 PM.png


Remove an attendee from a meeting

Say your colleague Steve can’t make the meeting next week and you need to remove him from the invite list. Here’s how to do it with Zoom.ai:

“remove Steve from the meeting at 2pm”

“Steve is not required for the meeting at 2pm”

Change or add meeting title

Change or add a new title to a meeting that is already scheduled using these phrases:

“change subject of the 2pm meeting to XYZ”

“change topic of the 2pm meeting to XYZ”

If you are in the midst of booking, you can add any of these commands to choose the duration of your meeting:

“the purpose of meeting is XYZ”

“the purpose is XYZ”

“change it to sales review”

Change meeting length

Need to extend the meeting length or shorten it? Zoom.ai can now change your scheduled meeting duration:

“make the meeting with Anita for 30 minutes.”

If you are in the midst of booking, you can add any of these commands to choose the duration of your meeting:

“make it for 30 minutes”

“only for 30 minutes”


Cancel all meetings

Need to empty your calendar in a flash? Easily cancel of all scheduled meetings by using the following command:

“Cancel all meetings tomorrow”

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