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Scheduling features to help you work
faster, smarter, and better


All-in-one Meeting Scheduling

Quickly schedule every meeting without the back-and-forth. Zoom.ai supports internal meetings, virtual calls, scheduling links, groups and more.


Custom Meeting Types

Use our pre-configured meeting types, turn on our AI settings, or customize your own meetings to automate details like duration, location and availability for faster scheduling.


Smart Time Settings

Automatically add travel time for off-site meetings, set lead time to avoid last-minute bookings, and always schedule in the right timezone with our smart timezone detection.


Meeting Briefings

Start your day right with personalized morning briefings and stay on top of your schedule with meeting briefings throughout the day. Sync your CRM or ATS to include lead or candidate details.


Scheduling Notifications

Your meeting assistant syncs with your calendars, requests meetings based on your availability, and sends reminders to attendees while you focus on more important things.


Group Meetings

You can quickly schedule complex meetings between your team and/or external attendees using our unique group scheduling algorithm that finds the best time for everyone.


Zoom.ai works best with teams

Get your entire team together in under 30 seconds. We find your team's mutual availability without the usual back-and-forth and intelligently choose the best times that work for all your invitees. Welcome to simplified team collaboration.


Become a productivity powerhouse with features for all your meeting-related needs


Information Discovery

Quickly find any document before your next meeting with one search, whether it’s in Google Drive, SharePoint, Dropbox, or elsewhere.


Document Generation

Generate standard documents like contracts and sales presentations, and easily customize them right from the web, Slack or Microsoft Teams.


Meeting Room Booking

Take the hassle out of room booking. We integrate with Google, Robin and MS Office 365 to automatically book a room for your next meeting.


In-Chat Reminders

Need a reminder to follow up with a candidate or to practice a pitch? Just ask your meeting assistant to remind you and get notified in your preferred chat platform.

People Insights

Always know who you’re meeting with. Ask Zoom.ai for people insights or warm introductions to learn more about your meeting attendees before you meet.


CRM / ATS Automation

Easily access information from your CRM or ATS to stay on top of your pipeline, and automatically log meeting details to keep your team up to date.


Explore Powerful Integrations

Put an end to task-switching. Sync multiple calendars. Work smarter. From creating documents quickly to syncing your ATS or CRM, Zoom.ai integrates with 60+ of the leading work apps like Chrome, Hubspot, Dropbox and more to help you get back to the work that really matters.

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Zoom.ai works when you work, where you work


Schedule Online

The Zoom.ai web app is an all-in-one platform to schedule your meetings, view the status of meeting requests, and manage your calendar.


Share a Scheduling Link

Want a one-click scheduling option? Share your availability instantly and book 1:1 meetings with the Zoom.ai personal scheduling link.


Schedule from Chat

Schedule your meetings and more right in chat using natural language. Your Zoom.ai Meeting Assistant is built for Slack, Microsoft Teams and more.


Schedule from your Inbox

Schedule meetings directly from your email inbox with our Outlook plugin and Chrome extension for Gmail.


Schedule with ATS/CRM

Hiring or selling? Effortlessly schedule meetings with your ATS or CRM contacts, and automate meeting details.


Schedule from Text

Connect your phone number to Zoom.ai to conveniently schedule meetings and get meetings briefings through SMS.


More time for meaningful work


Zoom.ai helps you automate meeting scheduling, so you can focus on the work that matters.


No credit card. No strings. Just really fast scheduling.