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Built to Eliminate Busy Work, for the Busy-Working.

The automated assistant starts saving your enterprise time from the moment your employees use it, providing an immediate productivity boost and more mental clarity for creative thinking and smart decisions. users save an average of 15+ hours a month and are 9% more productive.


Integrate into your favourite chat platform. Say “Hi” or “hello” — any greeting will do — and get going!


Securely sync with your company’s Office 365 or G-Suite accounts and start automating your workday.


Personalize your experience. allows for strong admin oversight and controls and allows enterprise admins to easily add and remove accounts through our secure admin dashboard.

Integrate with all your company’s connected accounts and tech stack — securely.

Ensure that enterprise standards are met and keep your company data safe. Review our commitment to data and privacy here.


Onboard your enterprise with ease. Our Customer Success Team is experienced onboarding large enterprise organizations.

Walk through an introduction to in-chat, or check out our friendly FAQ for helpful videos.

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