Zoom.ai Integrations

Connect your work software to Zoom.ai Meeting Assistant and get more done.

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The Latest Integrations

Schedule candidates, get candidate insights and push interview info back into your ATS.


Automatically add Zoom.us video conferencing to any Zoom.ai meeting.

Schedule with contacts, get notified on lead insights & push deal info into your CRM.


Chat & Email

Inbox or chat? Schedule meetings and see your schedule from where you spent your time at work.



Double-booked? Not anymore. Sync all of your calendars to Zoom.ai.



Need a document in seconds? Connect your work files, generate standard documents or search across all of them.



Hiring? Sync ATS contacts, view candidate details and automatically log meeting details.



Selling? Sync CRM contacts, view/update deals and automatically log meeting details .


Meeting Rooms

Automatically reserve a meeting room with any meeting scheduled through Zoom.ai.


Video Conferencing

Automatically add video with any meeting scheduled through Zoom.ai.



Automate your employee knowledge base and IT/HR ticketing submissions.



Create your own automated tasks inside the Zoom.ai Assistant.