Zoom.ai Pricing

Hire, sell, and grow your company faster with smart scheduling. Every plan comes with a free 7-day trial of the Zoom.ai pro features.

New to Zoom.ai? Use the code ZOOMLOVE to get our Professional Plan for $8 or the Corporate plan for $13 when you sign up before December 31, 2019. 



for as long as you want

✓  5 meetings scheduled per month

✓ Morning & Meeting Briefings

✓  2  People Insights

✓  2  Introductions

✓  2  Reminders

✓  1  Personal Scheduling Link

✓  5  FAQ and knowledge base queries

✓  2  Unified File Searches

✓  5 CRM querying + updates

✓  5 ATS querying + updates

✓  2  Document Template Generation


$15 $8*

per user/per month after trial period

✓  Unlimited Meeting Scheduling

✓  Unlimited Personal Scheduling Links

✓  Morning & Meeting Briefings 

✓  People Insights

✓  Warm Introductions

✓  Reminders

✓  Custom Meeting Types

✓  FAQs and knowledge base queries

✓  Unified File Search

✓  CRM querying & updates 

✓  ATS querying & updates 

✓  Document Template Generation

*new user discount of 46.66% applies with the code ZOOMLOVE


$25 $13*

per user/per month after trial period

✓ Everything in the Professional Plan

✓  Administrative settings and reporting 

✓  Group & team management

✓  Room Booking

✓  Zapier, Workato and Microsoft Flow extended integrations

✓  Dedicated Account Manager

✓ Corporate-wide knowledge base

✓  Corporate-wide document generation

✓  Corporate-wide data account

*new user discount of 46.66% applies with the code ZOOMLOVE

You asked. We answered.

Is there a set-up fee?

Nope! No set-up fees. No cancellation fees.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel anytime. You will be refunded for the remaining part of the unused month.

What currency will I be billed in?

All prices are in US Dollars. If your credit card uses another currency, you may incur additional charges from your bank and/or credit card company. Have more questions? Check out our FAQs