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After your free Professional 7-day trial, you will have access to the following features:


Smart Meetings 

✓  5 Meeting scheduled (/month)

✓  Morning + meeting briefings

✓  2  People Insights

✓  2  Introductions

✓  2  Reminders

✓  1  Personal Scheduling Link

Information Discovery 

✓  5  FAQs and knowledge base queries

✓  2  Unified file searches

✓  5 CRM querying + updates

✓  2  Document template generation



Bundle both Smart Meetings and Information Discovery and optimize your work day!

Smart Meetings 

✓  Meeting scheduling

✓  Morning + meeting briefings 

✓  People Insights

✓  Introductions

✓  Reminders

✓  Personal Scheduling Links

✓  Custom Meeting Types

Information Discovery 

✓  FAQs and knowledge base queries

✓  Unified file searches

✓  CRM querying + updates 

✓  Document template generation

* No credit card required. The Trial Plan gives you access to our Professional Plan free for 7-days!



Zoom.ai works better in a team! Upgrade to a Corporate Plan to get the most out of your automated assistant.

Includes all features in the Professional Plan +

✓  Administrative settings and reporting 

✓  Group & team management

✓  Automated room booking

✓  Corporate-wide knowledge base

✓  Corporate-wide document generation

✓  Corporate-wide data account

✓  Connect Zapier / Workato / MS Flow to expand skills


✓  Dedicated Account Manager

All plans include Enterprise-Grade Security.

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