Meeting scheduling just became easier to personalize. With our latest update, you can now personalize your meeting titles by using quotation marks.

Meeting titles are important because they provide meaningful context for your internal or external attendees. Personalizing meeting titles with quotation marks will allow for more control over how the meeting title looks when your invite is sent.

At Zoom.ai, we are always teaching our AI more complex functions to make your meeting scheduling experience better. Try it out in your next meeting invite and let us know what you think. 

How it works

For example, a user can now write:

Book a meeting with [email protected] for “Q4 Account Update for ASIAPAC Sales Team” and your assistant will capture the entire text inside the quotation marks as the meeting title.

Important to note

Your assistant understands your inquiries through recognizing words and understanding your intentions.

As a result, it will only treat the text inside the quotation marks as the subject if the quotation marks are preceded by keywords that help identify your intentions.

These keywords include:  for, about, to, discuss, regarding, re.

Try it for yourself today and see how easy it is to personalize meeting titles. You can start by messaging your Zoom.ai assistant to book your next meeting. 

About Zoom.ai

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