It is now easier to personalize your meeting titles to the way you like them. When booking an internal or external meeting, it’s important to name your meetings accordingly to provide context for your attendees.

As we teach our AI more complex functions, we are enabling more interesting ways to help you book your meetings with ease and clarity. will now allow you to specify your meeting title through using quotation marks.

By adding quotations to your title while you are booking at meeting with your assistant, users have an easier and more consistent way to specify the full title they want to add to their meetings.

How it works

For example a user can now write:

Book a meeting with [email protected] for “Q4 Account Update for ASIAPAC Sales Team” and the entire text inside the quotes would be captured as the meeting title.

Important to note

Your assistant will only treat the text inside the quotation marks as subject if the quotation marks are preceded by certain keywords that help identify your intentions.

These keywords include:  for, about, to, discuss, regarding, re.

Try it for yourself today and see how easy it is add a bit more clarity to your meetings. Message your assistant to book your next meeting. 

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