Smart scheduling for the entire recruiting funnel


Automate every candidate meeting, integrate your ATS and get on-demand candidate
information for a painless hiring experience.


The AI difference

Zoom.ai intelligently schedules all your interviews and hiring-related meetings, from screening calls to recruitment meetings and complex group interviews.

A better candidate experience

Scheduling with in-demand candidates can be challenging. Zoom.ai makes it easy for any candidate to quickly & easily self-schedule interviews when it works for them and you.


Simplify candidate research

Get to know your candidates in seconds with our People Insights feature.


Schedule meetings your way

Zoom.ai integrates into work platforms like Greenhouse, Slack, Gmail and more for convenient scheduling options.


Show up prepared

Be your most prepared with daily briefings about upcoming meetings and quick links to candidate details from your ATS.


Documents made easy

Save time by having Zoom.ai find and generate standard documents like employee contracts for you.


We partner with the best ATS platforms


Integrate Zoom.ai with your ATS of choice to quickly sync contacts, easily access candidate information and automatically log meeting details to keep your team up to date.


We do meeting scheduling differently


We know your day is fast-paced. Zoom.ai supports your hiring momentum by automating all your meeting-related needs like document generation and meeting preparation through powerful integrations.


More time for meaningful work


Zoom.ai helps you automate meeting scheduling, so you can focus on the work that matters — like sourcing great talent.

No credit card. No strings. Just really fast scheduling.