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Shorten your sales cycle by locking in key meetings faster

Key meetings are unnecessarily pushed out for an average of two weeks due to a combination of busy schedules and calendar tag.

This lengthens your sales cycle and causes your deals to lose momentum.

Book more meetings with a better scheduling process

The traditional process bombards your inbox with countless back and forth emails just to narrow down a time that works for everyone.

This process is outdated and creates bottlenecks in your workday.

Secure more meetings with your new scheduling assistant

Zoom.ai is an automated assistant that helps secure more meetings in your calendar.

By simply chatting in natural language, you can leave the scheduling process to your assistant and get back to selling.

Your assistant will ensure the meeting is booked. Before the meeting, it will even remind you and your attendees with a briefing.

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Every type of meeting, simplified

No more back and forth emails to find a time slot.

  • Your invitees can see your availabilities for your selected period
  • They can even import their calendars (securely) to compare their own availabilities and avoid conflicts.
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Slot in group meetings painlessly without doing any heavy lifting.

    • Zoom.ai will ask each of your attendees for their availabilities
    • It will automatically remind any attendees that haven’t RSVPed
    • Meeting invite is automatically generated with email confirmation and reminders.
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Zoom.ai knows your colleagues’ availabilities.

  • Quickly slot in internal meetings based on your preferred time range
  • It will suggest time slots based on everyone’s availabilities
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Book calls and video conferences without minding the details.

  • The assistant shows your availabilities in your attendee’s timezone to avoid any miscommunication
  • When the meeting is booked, it will also include your dial-in details automatically in the invite.
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It works, when you work, where you work.

Chat with your assistant in natural language, just like you would with a real assistant.

Zoom.ai is entirely powered by A.I, with no human interferance, and lives inside your favourite chat platform like:

    • Microsoft Teams
    • Slack
    • Skype for Business
    • Cisco Webex Teams
    • Google Hangouts Chat
    • … and more
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Built-in Enterprise-Grade Security

You deal with sensitive data, and we take that seriously.

We do not store your usernames and passwords, and all your sensitive data is encrypted, using AES 256.

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Ready to get some time back?

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