Introducing Personalized Scheduling Links

Drop a meeting invite into an email, prompt candidates or clients to self-schedule with you, and eliminate back-and-forth messages with just one click. 

Having a busy week is one thing.

Having a busy week that’s packed with meetings, calls, candidate interviews, and on-boarding sessions is another thing entirely. 

Meetings can be time-consuming, but it’s the process of booking meetings that really slows down your productivity. Not to mention, potentially missing out on great candidates or warm leads because of meeting scheduling issues.

At Zoom.ai, we’re passionate about bringing back valuable time in your workday. That’s why we are automating meeting scheduling in the way that works best for you. 

Whether you prefer to book meetings through email with our Outlook plugin, via Slack (a team favourite), or on our desktop app, we’ve got you covered. 

And now you can speed up your meeting booking process even more with Personalized Scheduling links. 


How it works (and why it’s awesome)

Find your Personalized Scheduling link under Settings – Meeting Types

All scheduling links start with https://zoom.ai/go/ — and end with a custom name that you enter like “/meetjill”. You can make custom links for any of your meeting types like 30-minute coffee meetings, 2-hour board meetings, and another link for 1-hour interviews.


Activating your scheduling link: To activate your link simply enter a unique name at the end of the link, and then copy and share. Once invitees click the link and arrive on your scheduling page, they’ll be able to select the time that works best for them based on your availability. Paste the link into a Slack channel with your team or a Skype message with a prospective client without having to ask, “What time works best for you?”


Zoom.ai Personalized Scheduling Link

TIP! We highly recommend setting Lead Time — it’s a new feature that helps you avoid any unwanted last-minute meeting requests. 



Create Your Own Meeting Types

Along with Zoom.ai’s standard meeting types (e.g. Call, Skype, Coffee), you can also create meeting types with their own default settings.

For example, if you are a recruiter that wants candidates to self-schedule interviews with you, but only from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm and only for 30 minutes, you could create an “Interview” meetings with the following default settings: 


How and where to Share your Scheduling Link

It’s easy to send your personal scheduling link to your clients or prospects – simply drop it in an email, a lead form, or even add it to your email signature so prospects can conveniently schedule time with you.


Connect All your Calendars

Along with your work calendar, you can also give Zoom.ai access to your personal calendars to avoid overlapped meetings.

Zoom.ai gives you the ability to add as many Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, Apple iCloud and SalesForce calendars that you have.


Connect Your CRM or ATS

Zoom.ai sends you a briefing right before your meeting with all the information you need on your next meeting.  If you also connect your CRM or ATS to Zoom.ai, that briefing will also include valuable user information found in those systems that relate to your meeting recipients.  Along with Salesforce and HubSpot, Zoom.ai also integrates into ATSs including Workable, BreezyHR, Greenhouse and Zoho.

 Zoom.ai wants to help people like you — recruiters, sales reps, and customer success managers — work smarter, faster, and better. By offering personalized scheduling links, we’re making it even easier to schedule meetings efficiently, so you can get back to the work that really matters. 

Start booking meetings faster today!