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Chat with your very own AI-powered meeting assistant in Skype. Schedule meetings, simplifying meeting prep and get more done fast without leaving Skype.

Setting up on Skype

1) Simply click the “Add” button above

2) Follow the instructions on the Skype app registration page

3) Say “hello” to your Meeting Assistant & start scheduling!

With for Skype you can:

✓ Automate meeting scheduling without the back-and-forth (1:1 & group meetings)

✓ Instantly schedule internal team meetings

✓ Automatically book meeting rooms

✓ Learn more about your meeting attendees with people insights

✓ Always be prepared with automated meeting briefings

✓ Quickly access information & sync meeting details with your ATS or CRM

✓ Easily find information & generate documents

Connect 60+ integrations like Hubspot, Greenhouse and more

What is Meeting Assistant is an AI-powered meeting scheduler designed to help you offload meeting scheduling and get back to more meaningful work like hiring, selling, and growing your company.

Have more questions?

Learn more and get all the answers you need in the FAQ for Skype.