The Smart Meetings product was built with your work experience in mind. That's why we’ve recently added a new agenda functionality. This new functionality helps add an extra level of organization to your meeting experience.   Preparing a meeting agenda helps set expectations, allocate meeting time wisely, and ensures all meeting attendees know what to expect before attending -..
Everyone deserves a great work experience. That’s why has made it our mission to make your workday more productive. In the last few months, we’ve released additional enterprise software integrations that help save the average enterprise employee 15 hours per month -- an 9% average monthly productivity gain!   This week we’re eager to announce our ServiceNow integration. Servic..
  As an enterprise grows, so does the amount of specific knowledge within the company. Simple company-specific information doesn’t take long to learn -- or to answer, by asking a colleague, or searching through company files and handbooks.   But over time, those small moments begin to add up and can amount to a larger, more insidious time drain for your already time-strapped t..’s unified enterprise search feature is the securest way for you and your employees to quickly search across their work apps. Enterprises on the cloud have multiple sources to store their information - Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc., and searching for information can become a time-intensive task. M..
Zapier is a powerful tool used to connect all your apps, improving and automating your workflow. With this latest product update, we’ve connected the power of Zapier to so you can create up to 5,000+ different flows all within your favourite chat platform. In just a few steps, you can connect to over 1,000+ apps and easy integrations. This latest update enables enterprise employees ev..
We know that one of the most significant workday time sucks is booking meetings. As hard as we try, there will never be a way to entirely rid your life of meetings, so why not streamline them? At, we try to make scheduling meetings as frictionless as possible. That’s why we released new feature updates to our exis..
This blog is a continuation from last week. Catch the last edition here and learn how to streamline the meeting process to save precious hours in your day. 
"Hey, what's the wifi password?", "what is our company expense policy?" or even "what's our zip code again?" How many times have you heard those questions inside your workplace? How many times have you caught yourself asking those questions? You're probably wasting your (and others) time - not to mention maybe even annoying some of your colleagues. In this ..
The team is on a mission to help you work better. That's why we're delighted to announce our latest integration: Box. Box lets you secure, share and edit all your files from anywhere. From collaboration to file sharing, and Box integration is an added functionality that will make working together easier than e..