“Hey, what’s the wifi password?”, “what is our company expense policy?” or even “what’s our zip code again?

How many times have you heard those questions inside your workplace? How many times have you caught yourself asking those questions? You’re probably wasting your (and others) time – not to mention maybe even annoying some of your colleagues. In this day and age, do we need to be asking those questions anymore? We don’t believe that it’s necessary any longer. That’s why the Zoom.ai team built out our unique knowledge base functionality for enterprises.

Imagine getting all the answers to frequently asked questions in your organization without all the hassle and without having to ask a single person. Zoom.ai believes that the modern workplace will be seamlessly automated and have a single access point for all your data and tech. By enabling employees to have full access to your organization’s knowledge basebase across all the platforms where your automated assistant is connected, you streamline onboarding and day-to-day processes that amount to higher levels of employee satisfaction.

All you have to do is ask things like “what’s the printer code?” or “what are my benefits?” and have your answers right away, through chat. Just ask your Zoom.ai assistant!

Zoom.ai interface on Microsoft Teams

Zoom.ai interface on Microsoft Teams

Another good use case for having easy access to company FAQ is on-boarding new employees. Think back to when you were first hired. How many questions did you have about all the data and the general practices and policies of your new company? We’ve all been there. But now imagine if you and your employees had a way to get the information immediately, without going through 5 different channels or departments to find the answer.

Asking questions like “where can I find the sales contract template?” or “who’s in charge of reimbursement?” are answered in a snap. Your automated assistant will provide all the answers you crave, fast, and training and retrieval will become a much more efficient process.

With a centralized and personalized knowledge basebase within your enterprise, you and your employees can side-step all the extra steps to get the information you need, reducing all the needless busy work.

Why don’t you give us a try? Sign up today at Zoom.ai, create your very own enterprise knowledge basebase and start boosting your productivity today.