During the course of a work week, how often do you book a meeting outside of your office to have another booked immediately after, often with little to no buffer space in between? Back-to-back meetings with no allotted travel time are common to the average employee. As a result, this can be a pain for meeting scheduling, causing meetings to be cut short or even missed.

Now, thanks to your automated assistant, this frustration is a thing of the past. Zoom.ai’s proprietary AI will include travel buffer time for external meetings, adding on time to help better manage your day.

When booking out of the office meetings, it can be a challenge to remember to include travel time as a consideration. With this latest addition to our Smart Meetings product, Zoom.ai is now will know when the meeting is external. It will calculate how many minutes it will take you to walk or drive to your location, and include that in your calendar.

If your travel location requires travel buffer time, Zoom.ai will ask you (via chat) if you want to schedule travel time for the meeting. 

Your meeting invitees do not see the additional time blocks. Zoom.ai only adds it to your calendar as an extra event.

Need to reschedule?  

If the original meeting is moved or canceled, the travel buffer will also be automatically changed/deleted.

Try this new feature out in your next meeting invite.

About Zoom.ai

Zoom.ai is an automated assistant that lives inside your company’s chat platform. Zoom.ai can boost your productivity by handling tasks such as scheduling meetings, answering FAQs, searching for files, generating documents and much more.

Learn how Zoom.ai can help you to capture 9% in productivity savings a month. 

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