Everyone deserves a great work experience. That’s why Zoom.ai has made it our mission to make your workday more productive. In the last few months, we’ve released additional enterprise software integrations. Integrations that help save the average employee 15 hours per month — a 9% average monthly productivity gain. This week we’re especially eager to announce our ServiceNow integration!

ServiceNow is a cloud platform that helps streamline the enterprise by providing employees with a support incident ticketing and knowledge base solution. Enterprises can now integrate ServiceNow with their Zoom.ai automated assistant and do the following:



Integrating with ServiceNow means that employees can now find the information you’re looking for through chat! For instance, employees can access their ServiceNow entries and knowledge bases to view information — all within seconds with natural language.

  • Easily access ServiceNow incidents and tickets.
  • Simply ask your Zoom.ai assistant to “search for…” and enter the query.
  • Receive a summary and a link back to the ServiceNow entry — all within chat.

Automated Ingestion


Expand and unify your knowledge base by making multiple sources of data available across the platform from your Zoom.ai assistant.

  • Zoom.ai assistant automatically and quickly ingests your company’s information upon integration.
  • Equip your employees with a singular point of access to all their ServiceNow information, within chat.
  • All information and data is subject to Zoom.ai’s privacy policy



Conversationalize your support ticketing experience with Zoom.ai! Employees can submit support tickets to stay up to date with their statuses, and all without leaving their chat platform.

IT administrators can benefit from decreased ticketing in two ways. As a result of equipping employees with a comprehensive knowledge base search prior to the ticketing stage, IT can reduce the volume of tickets submitted. In addition, they can reap the benefits of increased efficiency from a streamlined ticketing process.


Zoom.ai and ServiceNow share a common goal of making your enterprise work better, allowing your teams to spend time adding value instead of adding tickets.


Our popular add-ons including Microsoft Flow and Workato, also integrate into ServiceNow. As a result, it will allow customers to create their own workflows:

  • Update tickets and setting notifications on ticket statuses within chat.
  • Set-up workflows between Zoom.ai and your entire tech stack to easily automate your Servicenow experience.

Whether you’re in IT, HR, or customer service, integrating your ServiceNow account with Zoom.ai can help make your enterprise more productive. Above all, it increases visibility across your entire organization while improving employee experience. Get started today!

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