The Team

Our Team's growth and success is driven by our ability to embrace our differences. We're working towards making a truly balanced and diverse team.

Roy Pereira

Founder and CEO

Alexey Adamsky

Senior AI Scientist

Andre de Souza

VP, Engineering

Anita Chauhan

Head of Marketing

Aseel Al Dallal

Junior Engineer

Faisal Abid

Senior Engineer

Jesse Albiston

Customer Success Manager

Jill Renwick

Senior Product Manager

Juliano Dellamea

Customer Support

Paul Ewasuik

Account Executive

Paul Vlahov

Head of Sales

Pouria Fewzee

Senior Data Scientist

Traci Cheng

Head of Operations

Yaseen Khaled

Account Executive

Winnie Chen

Content Marketing Manager

Octavia Tarcea

UX/UI Designer